Extraordinary Stories

I invite you to be part of this amazing, unexpected journey, and share the goodness, love and joy in this world with people you love trough my stories, art and ideas about better tomorrow.


Extraordinary stories are short stories about my process, art and my reflections about everything I think about trough days in my life. 

This platform is made in that mind so people and friends can truly immerse themselves and maybe see an other way of appreciating art in these uncertain times.  Here you can access all my work and have a better idea about what I am trying to accomplish within this project I’ve been working on last few years.

It is a truly my creative place where you can see and learn everything about my work as the artist, hear my podcast, and hear about my inspirations and what drives my creativity.

I am truly grateful for all your support, love and kindness trough all these years of my work and your presence as my craft is taking this magical shape on a daily bases.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart.