This is the last  daily artwork by Goran Go. For more details please click on ENQUIRE button.

Please note that all the original artwork takes 1-4 week  to get ready and dispatch depending of your location

Hello there and welcome to my unfinished site.

I would like to express my gratitude to you and those interested in my work. I would also like to take few moments and thank you for your precious time.

As an artist, art lover and collector I became fascinated with the concept of creating great works and sharing them with the public.

My belief is that works of any artist should be shared by as many people who wish to own it, and not just enjoyed by one group or one collector.

Last 4 years I produced an amazing MAGNUM OPUS of works that represent plays of life, colorful paintings or simply monochrome abstracts that can create absolute emotion or simply bring you to meditative states that represent many mysteries of life.

Since this Pandemic started we have never consumed more art in the history of the world. The way we look and collect art also changed dramatically last few years.

If we look at the collectors, in 2021, virtually every collector became online collector, and for first time buyers / general public the choices are truly amazing.

Enduring quarantines, some artists rendered what isolation and loneliness felt like, while others depicted longed-for social scenes from a pre-pandemic time. In my case I took this time and last 4 years to practice new ways of expressing myself and reinforcing my art practice on every day base.

With that in mind I have created this platform.

A place where you can come back and always lose yourself in my imagination, memories and perhaps find some inspiration. I hope you take time to discover my works and perhaps find that beautiful piece you always wanted on your wall that will make you daydream.

This platform is still in early stages. I have been adding lots of materials including my past exhibitions, upcoming books and series of amazing interviews that I have accumulated trough time. So I invite you to come and visit me more often 😉

If would you like to contact me I am always open for discussion or if for any other reason you would like to talk about my artist experiences hit the START CONVO button and you will be able to send me direct email, and then we can take it from there.


If you are interested in supporting my artistic journey and would like to talk to me or acquire one of my artworks please contact me on

Instagram @prometheusone

I work with best local professionals when it comes to prints, frames and unique artworks. All materials are made in Canada. My deep belief is to support and work  with our amazing local talent and people that work hard everyday on their amazing craftsmanship. Community needs should be met locally and with civic solutions that help municipalities become self sufficient and make our communities economicaly stronger. I also believe that art represents huge part of local history and local education.

And for  all those who support art and artists in Covid -19 Pandemic