New Begginings


When I started this idea 4 years ago I didn’t have a slightest clue what this unexpected project is going to be. Since my childhood I was always big sucker for stories but for some reason in this case what mattered to me the most is what I was able to decide to do with where I am, daily and persistently for the next 365 days. I invite you to be part of this amazing and unexpected journey and share the goodness in this world with people you love. This platform is made so people can truly immerse themselves and maybe see an other way of appreciating the art in these weird days.

January 1, 2021

by Music by Nortfold - Letter-to-Lillehammer

Story so far: Man, Horse, One red fish and mysterious woman.
For the rest of the story you will need to explore the whole VR experience and use your imagination.





Title: New Beginnings
Creator: Goran Hamsic
Date Created: 01.01.2021
Physical Dimensions: 43 x 43in
Type: Mixed media: Drawing, Print
Medium: Black Ink, Pencil, Print
File size: 237 Megs
Physical Edition size: 10
Digital : 237 Megs


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