I would dearly like to express gratitude to my parents and my friends
 that thought me that freedom to become an artist
 is equal as freedom that we believe in as human beings.

This number was subsequently viewed as signifying the levels of heaven


Almost 2 decades ago I had a idea about doing a full year of creativity  but as life went on so was the idea about the project.

1st of January 2018 I decided to take a step back and reflect about ever-so rare blend of command and self-effacement with depth of insight that makes what some may say master artist. #prjct365 is based on my every day experiences, strange encounters that is  transfered in a digital and paper drawings on
a daily base.


Things that makes me rethink about connection between distinctive reality that is guided by creativity, tenacity, focus, discipline and imperfection that surrounds me and my environment in full year of my life.


The idea is based on a exercise where artistic expression in any form is actually repetition of discipline, interest, focus and will that in some cases we simply call Grit.

"You can never explain to someone who uses god's gift to enslave, that you have used god's gift to be free."


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